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Opportunity for Everyone to Reach Their Full Potential

We continue to make progress toward creating a better Maryland but as with everything, we must always be looking forward to find ways to do better.

The Capital Gazette asked all candidates to explain why they are running for office.  Please see my response

If elected I will address the complex issues surrounding gun violence. Please see my column in the Capital Gazette.


Anne Arundel County alone has 500 miles of shoreline so the impact of climate change and rising sea levels create significant safety and economic issues for all of our residents. It is critical that we prioritize strong environmental policies and programs.  We must invest in clean renewable energy such as wind and solar and we must stop building pipelines and infrastructure to support fossil fuel development.  I support legislation to continue to expand renewable energy in Maryland and to incentivize clean renewable energy rather than renewables such as trash incineration.  Investment in clean renewable energy makes economic sense by creating good jobs, improving the health of our families and boosting security through a diversified and distributed power system. 

We need to return to a smart growth approach to development and continue to invest in science to study and find solutions to restore the Chesapeake Bay. Trees are our best line of defense against the detrimental effect of runoff on our waterways and pollution in the air.  I support the strengthening of the Forest Conservation Act.  It is also imperative that we form alliances and continue to work with surrounding states to design and fund regional solutions to environmental problems. 



Our roadways are overcrowded and we are spending an ever-increasing amount of time sitting in traffic as we try to get to work and go about our daily business. A reliable and efficient transportation system is necessary for economic growth, equal opportunity and quality of life.  Our region is not adequately served by public transportation and we need to continue to seek innovative and sustainable ways to ensure people have reliable transportation to get to work while reducing carbon emissions.   More and more roads and impervious surfaces for more and more cars is not a sustainable solution.


To attract small, medium and large businesses that pay good wages and provide good benefits, we must have a trained, educated and healthy workforce,  a reliable and efficient transportation system, affordable housing and ensure regulations are reasonable and can be readily complied with. Partnerships and collaboration between schools, colleges, vocational training centers, and businesses to ensure students are prepared for available jobs will benefit everyone.  

We must also continue to support our Unions that fight for good wages, benefits, safety measures and provide training and a career path for people to achieve a middle-class lifestyle which is crucial to a strong economy.


The preliminary report of the Kirwin Commission finds that in order for Maryland to be competitive nationally and internationally, reforms of our education system are essential. The fact that Maryland schools have fallen in rank from first in the nation to sixth reaffirms this assessment.  In November this year, Marylanders have the opportunity to approve a constitutional amendment to lockbox casino funds for education.  This is the first step toward meeting our currently un-met funding needs. Our resources must be allocated to strengthen public schools so all of our children become problem solvers, innovators and critical thinkers and have the opportunity to excel and reach their full potential. 


We need to ensure high quality, affordable health care is accessible giving everyone the opportunity to live healthy, active and independent lives at every stage. Given the situation with federal health care policy Maryland must continue to be a leader and move forward with efforts to provide affordable healthcare options and to control rising prescription costs. Aging, economic disparities, changes in the work environment and increasing costs have left many people to choose between medical care and other necessities. I believe we are better than this and I will work to ensure affordable healthcare and prescription medicine is available to all Marylanders.


In order for a woman to make the best personal choices regarding her future - her education, her career, her family - she must have access to factual information and a full range of reproductive health services.   She must have the freedom to draw on her own personal beliefs and to confer with her medical professional, her partner, her religious leader, or her family, when making decisions regarding her reproductive health.  Ultimately the decision is hers to make. 



We must address gun violence and bring everyone to the table to identify, discuss and implement policies that will reduce gun violence in our schools and communities. If elected as your State Delegate, I pledge to work tirelessly and with everyone – parents, students, law enforcement, school officials, medical professionals, responsible gun owners - to find solutions. 


Committee to Elect Tracie Hovermale, Dawn Stein Treasurer
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